Adventures in Churchland (Dan Kimball)


Would Jesus Attend Church Today? Among the top ten trends that are changing American life, Time magazine recently listed a rising dissatisfaction with organized religion. Though many people today like Jesus, they are growing tired of traditional religious institutions. Even those who follow Jesus aren’t so sure they always like what Christianity and the church represent. For many years, Dan Kimball would have agreed, until an encounter with a small group of Jesus followers in London started him on a journey that challenged him to rethink everything he had ever assumed about the church and Christianity.

In Adventures in Churchland: Finding Jesus In The Mess Of Organized Religion, you will learn what the Bible really says about what ”church” is and  why it is impossible to ”go to church” theologically. You will be reminded that it’s more than just buildings and institutions, it’s a beautiful mess of broken people learning to follow Jesus together. If you are tired of being embarrassed about how church and Christians are often known as judgmental, you will learn ways of how to respond to these understandable impressions. As you journey with Dan, you’ll be challenged not to give up on the church, but to join in and make change to the church. To be the church as Jesus intended it to be: a community of forgiven misfits coming together to serve the world around them with passion, creativity, innovation, and grace.