Streams of Living Water – Celebrating the Great Traditions of Christian Faith (Richard Foster)


’I recommend Streams of Living Water everywhere I go. My own personal copy is dog-eared, underlined and annotated by hand. Anyone with a heart for Christian unity should read and celebrate the message of this book. I consider it to be a seminal title for our time’ – Pete Greig

In this landmark work, Richard Foster examines the ’streams of living water’ – the six dimensions of faith and practice – that have defined Christian tradition around the world and down the centuries. In this inspiring book he looks at:

– the Contemplative tradition – or the prayer-filled life
– the Holiness tradition – or the virtuous life
– the Charismatic tradition – or the Spirit-empowered life
– the Social Justice tradition – or the compassionate life
– the Evangelical tradition – or the word-centred life
– the Incarnational tradition – or the sacramental life

Foster’s celebration of the spiritual life incorporates history’s most significant Christian figures and movements and argues for a rich, well-rounded faith, free of constricting labels.

’A book that will make you adore God’ – Dallas Willard