In the Name of Jesus (Henry J. M. Nouwen)


When Henri Nouwen moved to L’Arche Daybreak, a community where intellectually disabled people and their caregivers live, work, and learn together, he found that outward qualifications and symbols of status had little meaning to people whose disabilities kept them very focused on the present moment. The beloved priest and author shares the experiences and insights that he gained at L’Arche and helps us see how how we can refocus our lives so that they reflect what is truly meaningful.

The book is drawn from a presentation on Christian leadership that Nouwen made at the Center for Human Development. Bill, an intellectually disabled member of the Daybreak community traveled with Nouwen to Washington D.C. for the presentation and Bill’s participation, both on the trip and at the conference, brings a depth and poignant humor to this little powerhouse of a book.