Virtue Rebord (Tom Wright)


What am I here for? How should I behave?

Faced with those questions, most people think in terms either of ’rules’ or of ’living authentically’. Both lead to problems. In this book, full of fresh biblical exploration, Tom Wright proposes instead that we recover the ancient tradition of virtue – but from a thoroughly Chrstian, not just a pholosophical, perspective. The virtues are the strengths we need to get to our goal, witch he sees in terms of the whole creation, with humans renewed to look after it.

Since thet project was launched with Jesus’ resurrection, the Holy Spirit enables us to develop those strengths of character now, and to reflect God’s image in the world. This is the way to become fully human – and to discover an authenticity and an affinity with God’s purposes that can be found no other way.

Virtue Reborn is the first in a series of three titles about Christian life in the modern world, which will build on the themes of Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope and be aimed at a similar market.

Tom Wright was Bishop of Durham from 2003-10 and is now Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. A regular broadcaster on radio and television, he has written over 40 books, including the For Everyone guides to the New Testament and the bestselling Simply Christian, Surprised by Hope, Virtue Reborn and Simply Jesus.

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